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Aloe Styling Gel
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Aloe Styling Gel
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Aloe Styling Gel. Alcohol-free hair styling gel with optimum holding power without stickiness. Aloe Styling Gel provides hair care that protects, strengthens and repairs the hair to provide maximum volume and shine. Unisex product for wet or dry hair.

With aloe vera and natural ingredients like vegetable proteins and vitamin B complex, plus jojoba oil and wheat germ oil, Forever Aloe Styling Gel nourishes your hair leaving it strong and healthy-looking all day long, for a hold that seems to last forever.

This revolutionary, aloe vera gel fortifies and repairs your hair while giving you the flexibility to create any style you choose. Its unique, alcohol-free formula is humidity-resistant and provides optimum holding power while giving your hair extra body, volume and shine.

Recommended Daily Intake: n/a

>> Buy Aloe Styling Gel   $ 10.60 (USD*) <<