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After Shave Balm (Gentleman’s Pride)

Buy After Shave Balm (Gentleman's Pride)

Buy After Shave Balm (Gentleman's Pride)

Gently soothe freshly shaved skin with 100% stabilised aloe vera, a special blend of lubricants and moisturisers and the brace of a clean, masculine scent.

Gentleman’s Pride After Shave – Overcome the dry irritation of the daily shave. Just smooth on Gentleman’s Pride and let the stabilised aloe vera gel and special mix of lubricants and moisturisers soothe and condition your face. Added antioxidants and botanical extracts make it the all-around post-shave skin comforter.

Recommended Daily Intake: n/a

Common Uses: Shaving, Skincare, Moisturiser

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