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Forever Aloe Multi-Purpose Detergent

Spring is in the air and Spring Cleaning is around the corner so why struggle this year? What if you could find one multi-purpose natural detergent that’s good to your home and you?

Forever Aloe MPD 2x brings you the perfect product to put top of your spring cleaning checklist. A concentrate natural detergent and soap that’s environmentally friendly, biodegradable, phosphorous free and kind to your hands. For floors, bathrooms, carpets, clothes and dishes, Forever Living provide you with a multi-purpose solution to clean the house from top to bottom.

So the saying goes, “a woman’s work is never done” and, when it’s about cleaning the house and washing, they’ll be many women willing to agree. While we can’t resolve the ‘battle of the sexes’, we’d like to think that this Spring cleaning could be kinder to whoever takes on the job.

Maybe this Mother’s Day you can get the kids to buy some Forever Aloe MPD… and give it to Dad so Mum can enjoy the rest she deserves! And, while they’re there, they can have a look at the other gift ideas for Mum to pamper and relax with. Just so that Dad doesn’t feel left out, he can also escape outside and use this versatile cleaner on the car or the patio too.

This multi-purpose detergent leaves no excuses for not having the right cleaning product for the job. This aloe detergent is safe, highly effective and economical to use. Ideal for the laundry (all types of clothes), marvellous as a household cleaner – for floors, bathrooms, tile and carpet cleaning – as well as perfect for washing dishes by hand.

Use Forever Aloe MPD for lifting grime, cutting through grease and removing stains and because it’s a liquid, it won’t scratch or mark bathroom surfaces. Since it is sufficiently versatile to do the job of many similar products on the market, it also represents a major cost saving for the user. MPD is also environmentally-friendly.

Unlike some detergents, the anionic and non-ionic surfactants in it are biodegradable. That means they are broken down by natural processes, reducing environmental problems in waterways. At the same time, it contains mild, gentle aloe vera to soften and condition your hands and clothes.

And, finally, the best news is that you don’t have to limit Forever Aloe MPD to your Spring Cleaning checklist. So, you can get the benefits of aloe vera and keep a clean household all year round with our natural detergent and soap.