About Hot Flushes

About products for hot flushes from Forever Living and the benefits of Aloe Vera. Buy hot flushes and Aloe Vera products at Forever Living online store.

Hot flushes (hot flashes) are a common natural occurrence experienced during menopause although they may be related to other non-menopausal medical conditions (i.e. hyperthyroidism).

Hot flushes can occur unexpectedly, and suddenly, often causing discomfort (notably as night sweats) but usually last a short time. They can be triggered by factors like tight clothing, stress, or consuming alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods.

Symptoms can include sweating, palpitations, and a red flush (blushing) but vary in severity for each individual. The following may assist in managing symptoms of hot flushes:

  • one or two servings of soy daily
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin B
  • evening primrose supplement
  • flax seeds or flaxseed/linseed supplement

Seek medical advice before taking supplements for hot flushes and especially if, in addition to hot flushes, you’ve been unwell with, for example, fatigue, weakness, weight loss or diarrhoea.

Forever Living Aloe Berry NectarAloe Berry Nectar – All the benefits of Aloe Vera gel coupled with a sweet blend of cranberry apple juice. High in antioxidant vitamin C and vitamin A, potassium and pectin to aid digestion by cleansing the digestive system. Research suggests benefits of cranberry juice for urinary tract infections, immune system and tooth care by inhibiting tooth decay.

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