BMJ Study suggests health benefits of coffee

Following a review of more than 200 studies, the British Medical Journal have released a review suggesting there may be health benefits of coffee drinking in moderation and that coffee is safe. In truth, the report suggests that the harm to health associated with coffee drinking may be untrue and, although the findings themselves are inconclusive in many respects, it should reassure many coffee drinkers that their health is not at risk.

Benefits from coffee may include reduced risk of some cancers, liver disease and death from a stroke but ultimately it could not be proven that coffee was the beneficial factor and that people should not start drinking coffee for health reasons.

The clear exception in the report is that too much coffee consumption during pregnancy could be harmful. NHS recommendations for a pregnant woman’s coffee intake is approximately two mugs of instant coffee (no more than 200mg of caffeine a day) as too much coffee can increase risk of miscarriage.

For women at risk of fractures (osteoporosis, etc.), the report determined they should also manage their coffee intake.

In producing these findings, the report openly considers that age, smoking and exercise all remain factors to be considered within a healthy lifestyle but a reduction of heart related problems was observed in comparison with those who didn’t drink coffee.

The actual health benefits of coffee, should they prove true, will require further research and investigation but the underlying advice from researchers is for coffee drinkers to drink “healthy coffees”, avoiding extra sugar, milk or cream, or those tempting sweet or fatty snacks on the side.

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Aloe Vera and Pregnancy | Health and Pregnancy

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Aloe Vera and Pregnancy

Drinking Aloe Vera during pregnancy

There are various opinions on the use of Aloe Vera and pregnancy, however, drinking Aloe Vera Juice/Gel is not recommended during either pregnancy or breastfeeding. There are concerns that aloe vera could cause cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and possible stimulation of uterine contractions so, despite the potential benefits of aloe vera at other times of life, it would be highly recommended to seek medical advice before drinking aloe vera during pregnancy.

What to Eat When You Are Pregnant

Most importantly, during pregnancy it is necessary to eat a well-balanced diet including sufficient vitamins and minerals (especially sufficient iron, calcium and folate). Pregnant women are advised to take daily supplements of Vitamin B12 and of folic acid though supplements containing vitamin A as well as food rich in vitamin A (e.g. liver or liver products) should be avoided. Additionally, some fish (i.e. shark, swordfish and marlin) should be avoided and the it is advised not to consume more than 2 portions of oily fish per week due to the levels of potential contaminants in these fish. A supplement of fish oil is recommended.

Acne Treatments During Pregnancy

A topical aloe vera acne treatment during pregnancy is unlikely to be harmful but due to the importance of pregnancy, it is recommended that consultation with a doctor or practitioner is undertaken even before commencing any course of natural skincare treatment, vitamin supplements or nutritional programme.

Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Aloe Vera has been shown to provide a natural way to reduce stretch marks after pregnancy.

For information about removal of stretch marks after pregnancy, general advice for pregnancy stretch marks and how to get rid of stretch marks, visit