Forever Aloe Body Toner | Skin Toning & Conditioning

Forever Aloe Body Toner

Forever Aloe Body Toner combines aloe vera and herbs for moisturising, firming and skin conditioning.

Aloe Body Toner gives the skin a deep heated stimulating feeling, assisting with inch loss, toning and firming. Formulated to be used with the cellophane wrap included in the Forever Aloe Body Toning Kit.

Take the soothing and penetrating power of 100% aloe vera, combine it with a deep heating creme, and you have a body toner that allows you to look and feel your best.

Aloe Body Toner is a rich herbal formula in a moisturising cream specially prepared for use in toning, firming and beautifying with the cellophane wrap. Cinnamon oil and capsicum enhance circulation, warm the skin under the wrap and minimize the appearance of cellulite. Aloe Body Toner can also be used by itself for an invigorating experience.

Forever Epiblanc | Even Skin Tone Naturally

Forever Epiblanc

Forever Epiblanc – Exclusive natural skin treatment specifically designed to brighten skin complexion and get even skin tone naturally while helping to diminish the appearance of dark skin spots.

Spots and skin blemishes can be telltale signs of exposure to the elements or even our genetics.

Most of us dream of having a smooth, clear skin complexion. However, our busy lifestyle and exposure to the elements often result in an uneven skin tone with spots and blemishes.

Forever Epiblanc is an exclusive formula natural skin treatment specifically designed to brighten skin complexion and gently get even skin tone while helping to reduce dark skin spots (for example liver spots which we get on our face, backs of arms and hands, which are usually the areas most exposed to the sun). Forever Living Products 100% stabilised Aloe Vera gel is an excellent base for its natural botanical extracts such as arbutin (bearberry), rumex occidentalis and natural vitamin E, creating this excellent product.

Forever Epiblanc is most effective when applied directly to blemishes or dark spots on the skin. Using Forever Living’s Aloe Sunscreen, in conjunction with Epiblanc is recommended during the daytime for extra skin protection against sun and wind exposure.

• Gently get even skin tone
• Use to brighten skin complexion
• Diminishes appearance of dark spots