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Aloe Scrub
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Aloe Scrub natural skin treatment contains microspheres from the Jojoba bean plant and pure Aloe Vera, in a deep skin cleanser that’s gentle enough to use every day.

The gentle formula even makes Aloe Scrub a suitable facial skin cleanser as it works to remove dead skin cells, open pores and clear the way for the skin to renew itself to reveal radiant healthy skin.

Gentle and mildly scented, deep-cleansing Aloe Scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells, while aloe and jojoba soothe and moisturise your skin to a clean softness.

Gentle enough for everyday use, this one-of-a-kind scrub suspends solid microspheres of jojoba oil in aloe vera gel to carefully slough away skin surface debris. Forever Aloe Scrub’s natural ingredients protect your skin from the drying, damaging effects that may be caused by synthetic cleaners used in other products.

Recommended Daily Intake: n/a

>> Buy Aloe Scrub   $ 12.80 (USD*) <<