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Forever Absorbent-C, daily vitamin C supplements helps maintain healthy connective tissues, skin, joints and respiratory functions. Provides 100% of UK/US RDI of vitamin C from natural citrus bioflavanoids. Bonded with oat bran, a highly soluble fibre for gradual absorption.

Forever Living Absorbent-C, a great tasting, highly absorbent vitamin C supplement.

Only Forever Living could bring you an innovation in something as common as vitamin C! We take 100% of the USRDI of vitamin C and combine it with natural citrus Bioflavonoids from fruits like oranges and papayas, bond it with oat bran to allow for maximum absorption in a great-tasting chewable tablet that your whole family will love!

Plus, the bonded matrix of oat bran in each Absorbent-C tablet provides you with that extra fibre you might be lacking in your diet.

Recommended Daily Intake: one tablet, three times daily

>> Buy Absorbent-C   $ 14.20 (USD*) <<