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About Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products (FLP) was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, the President and CEO and for over 30 years has dedicated itself to seeking out nature’s best sources for health and beauty and sharing them with the world.

Having experienced 25 years of uninterrupted growth, FLP’s turnover in 1978 of $8 million had increased by 2004 to $2.1 billion.

The world leader in the growing, processing and distribution of aloe vera products and the collection, processing and distribution of beehive products… FLP owns and farms over 6000 acres of aloe vera plantations in Texas, Mexico and the Dominican Republic and owns patents for its unique aloe vera stabilisation process and its beehive products’ collection systems. FLP’s beehives are located in the high Sonoran Desert in Arizona, an area noted for its pollution-free environment, rich soil and unique flora and fauna.

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Aloe Vera is ‘organically grown’ and Forever Living Products is the only aloe vera company in the world to operate a totally vertically integrated system, i.e. from plant to product to end-user/customer, ensuring unmatched levels of quality control, assurance and customer service.

It was the first aloe vera company in the world to have products awarded the International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval (ten years before any of its European based competitors) and its commitment to quality assurance and control remains exemplified by its investment in state of the art production facilities that house research facilities that are comparable to any cosmetic laboratory in the world.

Now operating in over 100 countries and with over 7 million distributors worldwide, FLP offers an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee on all its products and with accreditation of the internationally approved Kosher rating (including a ‘P’ for Passover) and the Islamic Seal of Approval on a selection of its products provides products of the highest standards.

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FLP is actively involved with many leading medical institutions in the USA that are using its products, both internally and topically, including the Arizona Burns Centre in Phoenix.

FLP and its sister company, Aloe Vera of America Inc., are member companies of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and are featured on the organisation’s website at as a consumer product company that does not test on animals.

Forever Living Products Worldwide Offices

About Forever Living Products UK

In 1988, Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd was registered; by 1993, FLP’s turnover was £1.4 million and by 2004, turnover was £34 million and became one of the UK’s leading network marketing companies.

As the UK’s largest distributor of aloe vera and beehive products – serving the health, nutrition, skin care, cosmetics, weight management and animal care markets – FLP has a Professional Advisory Board comprising a doctor, a nutritionist, a beauty therapist and a vet to advise on all medical and related matters.

In 2000, FLP worked closely with DEBRA, the charity for sufferers of the genetically inherited skin disorder, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) and Great Ormond Street Hospital, raising around £120,000 for the charity to help fund specialist EB nurses and providing one of its products for use in helping to alleviate the condition. Following the successful work on EB at Great Ormond Street Hospital, FLP’s Aloe Propolis Creme was made available through the hospital’s Dermatology Department.

In 2001, FLP announced the world’s first ever double-blind, placebo controlled, cross over, clinical trial for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) using its Aloe Vera Gel drinking juice. The trial is being conducted at the Morriston Hospital in south Wales. It is also developing initiatives with other medical institutions in the UK to launch trials involving a number of its aloe vera products for both internal and topical use.

Another clinical trial using the Aloe Vera Gel drinking juice has been conducted at the Royal Free Hospital in London for Ulcerative Colitis. 44 patients were involved in this trial with encouraging results suggesting that further evaluation of the therapeutic potential of Aloe Vera drink in inflammatory bowel disease is warranted.

FLP is a leading member of the UK’s Direct Selling Association (DSA) – an organisation which regulates the direct sales industry which is expected to expand to circa £1.75 billion in the UK in 2003.

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In August 2003 Forever Living Products UK Ltd was the first Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company ever to be awarded the Investor in People Standard. And, on 1st March 2005, FLP, as a member of the Direct Selling Association, is now authorised to carry the prestigious OFT (Office of Fair Trading) approved logo.

The UK registered office of Forever Living Products is:-

Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd
Longbridge Manor
CV34 6RB
Tel: 01926 626600
Fax: 01926 626636

Registered in England and Wales: 2269910